Welcome to Dreamweaver 4


Welcome to Macromedia Dreamweaver 4, the solution for professional Web site design and production. We have some great resources to help you discover more about Macromedia Dreamweaver 4, get support, and send feedback to the team.


Discover More About Dreamweaver 4
     What's New in Dreamweaver 4 highlights the exciting new features included in this release. Thanks to people like you, Macromedia Dreamweaver has become the standard solution for professional web development on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms.
  Dreamweaver Web Site is the place to visit to get up-to-date information about Dreamweaver, software updates, and cool new downloads.

Dreamweaver Exchange is the place to download free commands, objects, and behaviors to customize your copy of Dreamweaver.


Release Notes contain late-breaking information and known issues about Dreamweaver 4.


Learn Dreamweaver 4

Using Dreamweaver Help contains information about the features in Dreamweaver and how to use them. Click this link to launch Help, or choose Using Using Dreamweaver from the Dreamweaver Help menu. Want help getting started? Choose Welcome from the Dreamweaver Help menu. The Welcome panel provides several resources for learning about Dreamweaver.


Extending Dreamweaver Help describes the Dreamweaver JavaScript API for JavaScript programmers who want to write extensions to Dreamweaver. Click on this link to launch it, or choose Extending Dreamweaver from the Dreamweaver Help menu. A printable version of the Extending Dreamweaver documentation is available on the Dreamweaver CD in a folder called Extending Dreamweaver. To purchase a printed copy of the Extending Dreamweaver documentation, visit our online store.


Get Support

Dreamweaver Support Center contains the latest TechNotes and troubleshooting information about Dreamweaver. It also provides articles with tips and techniques on using Dreamweaver, printable documentation and more.


Macromedia Online Forums provide an opportunity for developers of all experience levels to discuss technical issues and share helpful techniques pertaining to Dreamweaver and other Macromedia products. The Online Forum is a great resource for advice on project specific questions, and web design tips. For help accessing this online forum and for posting guidelines, please see Macromedia Online Forums.


Send Feedback

Send wishes (feature and change requests) to the Dreamweaver Team. We'll do our best to make them come true. While we do read each message sent to this mail group, we cannot reply to each message. If you need support, please review our support options or participate in our Online Forum.


Send bugs directly to us. We definitely want to hear about any bugs you encounter while using Dreamweaver 4.


Other Resources

HTML Editors: The full commercial CD version of Dreamweaver 4 Windows includes HomeSite 4.5. The Dreamweaver 4 Macintosh CD includes a fully integrated evaluation copy of BBEdit. Dreamweaver educational products do not include text editors.


The Macromedia Dreamweaver Team