~Forgotten Wings~

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"The joys were so small that they were quite imperceptible, like grains of gold in sand; but there were also good moments when she saw nothing but good, nothing but gold."

Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy


~ Leading the right and drawing out the left, ace, and king ~ Clear blue skies on a warm sunny day ~ Singing out loud to music ~ A walk by the lake ~ Biting into a crisp pickle ~ Bono ~ Getting mail ~ Having the food you've been craving ~ The sunlight and green grass and blue sky of a game at Yankee Stadium ~ Concerts ~ Good poetry ~ Taking a stand for something you believe in ~ Helping a friend ~ Conversing in a foreign language ~ Swimming underwater ~ The opening strains of a favorite song ~ Learning new things in a class you love ~ Walking barefoot ~ Curling up under the blankets when you're tired but don't need to fall asleep quite yet ~




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