Okay, bear with me as I try to dredge up and prepare for presentation some old creative works of mine.

First are two sections of the book I thought I was writing when I was 15. It's amusingly dramatic in a lot of parts, and you can see a great deal of me imitating my favorite fantasy books. If you're at all interested, I have pages and pages and pages more of this in notebooks in my room. I never transcribed anything from notebook to computer, so I would write some stuff and put it on disk, and the rest I'd write in notebooks in my spare time. The first selection is supposed to be near the beginning of "the book." The second (titled the same way I titled it 5 years ago when I wrote it) is a particularly dramatic and tragic moment-- I knew instinctively that it was easier to write an interesting scene that's full of emotion than to make more ordinary things interesting, and so somehow I never did get around to writing any of the less dramatic parts of the book...
A Difficult Time

Then there's a few poems I wrote for a Creative Writing class my senior year of high school. I've transcribed a couple, more will come. And yes, I was somewhat captivated by naming them.
Vicarious Dreaming
Quintessence of Dust

Then here's an essay I wrote for college-- I have no idea which school(s) I sent it to-- about being the editor of my high school paper.

And then, here's the speech I gave at my high school graduation. If you can't tell, I was pissed off at all sorts of people and thus sound just a bit preachy...

And here's a link to some baseball/Yankee poetry I wrote several years ago.

If you're interested in some of the articles I wrote for an online service called e-sports back in the day (i.e. 1999 and early 2000) when I thought I'd become a baseball writer, enjoy the 7 they have on record here.

And also, this short story is a piece of X-Files "fan fiction" I wrote back in 1998.