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Beautiful Taos, New Mexico-- the site of our 2002 spring break trip! Matt, Kim, and Colleen (okay, so you can only see Matt) are looking at this paintings and learning about the history of Taos.


We did a lot of different things, from working on the adobe house to raking dry grass. Here, we're putting up a wall in the office

From left, Matt, Colleen, me, Kim, and Alex.

Everyone likes the power tools! Matt's drilling...

...and so is Colleen, with Matt looking on!

After all that drilling, we managed to put up this porch-- it's always rewarding to see tangible results of your work! Colleen's in the middle up top, and on the bottom are me, Matt, and Kim. This is just a few short moments before Kim tried to kill me with that very vega (the big heavy wooden pole she's holding)...

Notice how Alex wasn't in those pictures above? He needed to stay inside. He got, well, more than a little sunburned when he was out skiing... but he worked very hard indoors!

Ah, our home sweet home in Taos. You can't see the area upstairs, where the seven of us slept with ten people from the U.S. Air Force Academy. (A few of them are in this picture.) But this is where we cooked and ate, and that table in the middle of the picture is the site of the Euchre World Series, Euchre Stanley Cup, Euchre NBA Finals, and, oh yeah, the place where Alex and I beat Matt and Colleen seven games in a row, not once but twice.



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